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Our Mission

Eat Sleep Recover’s mission is to empower people from all walks of life to ‘Become the Best You’ by providing the highest level of sustainable mental & physical wellness. With a focus on maintaining a healthy metabolism, we are focused on providing our members with a personalized nutrition and lifestyle plan to help them look better, feel better, reduce stress, get leaner, have more energy and perform at their very best, every day.

Eat Sleep Recover Personalized Nutrition, Wellness and Lifestyle Plan


Do you want to look better, feel better, reduce stess, have more energy, be leaner & stronger and perform at your best? ESR is a simple, affordable, and manageable plan that can help you become the best version of yourself.

Are you sick of fad diets and short term weight loss plans that will trash your body and your health, leaving you deprived, moody. weak, and likely to put the pounds back on? The you're in the right spot. Eat Sleep Recover is an easy to follow, personalized lifestyle plan created by world renowned nutrition & fitness expert and author, Brad Davidson. Learn more about Brad.

Whether you're a busy executive, high performing athlete, driven individual, a mom, or someone that just wants to live healthier and leaner, we will formulate a personalized nutrition, health, and lifestyle plan, based on your goals and unique metabolism designed by Brad Davidson. Our plans are compatible with virtually any exercise routine, or you can choose to follow our suggested fitness strategies from your user dashboard.

If you want to make the absolute most out of you program, Eat Sleep Recover's Elite plan includes 4 key natural supplements assigned specifically for you based on you metabolic needs, sent to your front door each month. The Elite plan also includes access to Brad's 7 Day Metabolic Reboot, 30 Day Metabolic Reset, recipes, weekly and monthly online check-ins, intermittent fasting, and much more!

Brad Davidson set out to make an effective lifestyle plan for everyone.

Brad Davidson is an author, speaker, and life coach who specializes in enhancing the metabolism and optimizing human performance. Brad has spent his career working with and educating C-Suite Executives, Professional Athletes, Cross-fit Athletes, Tactical Athletes, and High Performing Teams.

Brad has a passion for helping people achieve their optimal health by creating total wellness and lifestyle plans. Prior to Eat Sleep Recover, Brad spent years manually creating health plans for Elite clientele to help them achieve their highest level of functioning. Now, he is ready to share his knowledge and expertise with you.

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