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ESR Overview

Meet ESR founder Brad Davidson & learn about your personalized nutrition, wellness, & lifestyle plan.

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Why ESR is Different

Learn how ESR separates itself from others in the wellness market by providing personalized plans with sustainable results.

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What is a Metabolic Reset?

Discover how our 30 day Metabolic Reset & 7 day Metabolic Reboot will revitalize a bogged down metabolism.

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Meal Plan

Your personalized meal plan is created based on your goals, needs, and lifestyle and provides access to all of ESR’s approved recipes customized to your specific plan.

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Get a Leaner & Trimmer Body

ESR helps you lose weight and get trim by focusing on key factors that always keep you in a fat burning state.

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Intermittent Fasting

ESR provides an optional, customized Intermittent Fasting meal plan, an increasingly popular method for fat loss.

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How Supplements are a Complete Game Changer

Monday, April 1, 2019

Over the years, numbers of clients have skeptically asked Brad about supplements and vitamins. From Brad’s years of experience, supplementation used at the right time for the right purposes, is a complete game changer when it comes to overall health and wellness.

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Elevate Your Mood with ESR

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

With the right focus on the metabolism, you no longer have to choose between a great mood and the body you’re striving for. You can actually have both.

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Tired of Endlessly Fighting for a Lean, Strong Body?

Monday, February 25, 2019

Are you exhausted just thinking about what you have to do to get the body you really want?

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Finally, the Breakthrough in Sustainable, Healthy Living You Have Been Looking For. Learn How to Become the Best You.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Do you want to look better, feel better, reduce stress, have more energy, be leaner & stronger, and consistently perform at your best?

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ESR Introduction Podcast by Brad Davidson

Host Brad Davidson welcomes you to the new Eat Sleep Recover Podcast. In this cutting edge new podcast Brad will explore his beliefs on how the Fitness and Nutrition industry is missing the point of taking better care of ourselves. They have made it all about how you look. Look good at any cost and they promise you a better life. Eat Sleep Recover is focused on bringing you the truth to a better life through taking proper care of yourself. If you want more energy, a better looking body that doesn't take sacrifice to obtain, deeper engagement with those you work with and live with, a happier existence, more drive for life, and more sex drive then tune in every week with Brad and the Eat Sleep Recover Podcast. This is a weekly short podcast 10-20 minutes in length exploring everything you need to Reset and Optimize your Metabolism to become the Best You!

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So What, Now What...

Today more then ever so many of us struggle with guilt when we cheat on our diet, or can't be perfect with our exercise schedule. Often times one cheat meal taken at the wrong time will completely derail us out of shame. We are led to believe it takes perfection with our fitness and nutrition strategies to get the results we deserve, but this couldn't be farther from the truth. In this episode Brad discusses a strategy he learned Eric and Mary McGrath from Driven for Life on how to forgive ourselves for slip-ups and continue on with our journey. The road to long term success is a life long journey, a slip up here and there is normal and part of the process. It's time to pick yourself back up, declare "So What, Now What" and get back on track! You got this!!!

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Effortless Weight Loss

End of 2015 Brad released a book with Harper Collins focused on his Metabolic Reset and on the cover was a tagline.... "Effortless Weight Loss". Many people scoffed at the idea saying it's not possible, but the average weight loss in the first 3 weeks on the plan is still 12 pounds. Best part is the Reset plan asks people to not partake in any high intensity exercise during the Reset, but to catch up on their rest. I've even had one gentleman who works in a bakery loose over 100 pounds in a year and all he did for exercise was walk. Listen to Brad's podcast as he explains how sometimes instead of intense dieting and excessive exercising- what the body actually needs is rest and recovery for a short period of time, making weight loss...effortless.

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Secret Strategies to Ignite the Female Metabolism

After 20 years of working with high achieving female clients Brad has discovered it often takes more than a hard workout and clean diet to get results. In this episode Brad unveils the strategies he uses with his female clients to break through plateaus when exercise and diet aren't providing the deserved results.

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Exploring Detoxification

Detoxification is a hot topic in the Health and Fitness sector these days. A simple Google search of "Detoxification" will present you with over 54,000,000 results. "Liver Cleanse" will land you over 56,000,000 results. In Episode 5 Brad reveals his beliefs around detoxification and cleanse protocols from 6 months of in-depth study trying to find the ideal cleansing protocol. Brad also shares his experience with simple ways to support detoxification that are safe and have proven effective over the years in this short but informative podcast.

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Is Sleep Deprivation Raising Havoc on Your Health and Performance?

After a week of being forced to suffer through sleep deprivation, Brad decided to share a podcast focused on sleep. In this episode he shares how to recognize if you are suffering from sleep deprivation, how to survive when you have to perform while sleep deprived, and also his best strategies on improving overall sleep. Sleep is the most critical component of high performance and looking and feeling your best. Without it, every part of your life will suffer!

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Overcoming the Ultimate Enemy Preventing You From More Energy, A Better Looking Body, & Deeper Engagement in Your Life

In this episode, Brad interviews one of his most influential mentors, Dr. Jade Teta. They deep dive into the chaos and havoc that stress is causing your metabolism- and how you can become resilient to physical, mental, and emotional stress. If you want more energy, a better looking body, and deeper engagement in your life this is a must listen to episode.

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How do you customize a plan just for me?

When you sign up, we will bring you through a series of brief questions where we capture the most critical factors that impact your health.  We look at your lifestyle, goals, sleep, exercise habits, stress levels, and more. We then automatically formulate a plan, personalized for you that will get you the best results based on YOUR specific needs.  If you upgrade to our Coaching or Elite programs, you will continue to receive check-in questionnaires on a weekly and monthly basis so we can continue to fine-tune your plan. As you progress, your plan progresses with you.

How should I exercise while on this program?

Our plans are compatible with virtually any exercise regime, or you can choose to follow our suggested exercise tips.  We gauge how much food you should be consuming based on your level of exercise and physical activity.

What are the benefits of taking nutritional supplements?

Nutritional supplements are typically used for 1 of 2 reasons on the Eat Sleep Recover platform. They are used to either support deficiencies in the metabolism that can slow the metabolism down, or to provide extra support to certain parts of the metabolism that are struggling. Deficiencies and metabolic struggles are two of the biggest and most common roadblocks preventing people from getting results from their exercise and nutrition plans. Until you clear the metabolic roadblocks you will struggle to see the results you deserve.

What is a 30 day Metabolic Reset?

A 30 day Metabolic Reset is suggested when we pick up from your questionnaires that your Metabolism is struggling and overly stressed. Stress is the greatest danger to your metabolism and when stress levels are to high for to long the Metabolism will begin to compensate preventing you from experiencing the results you deserve. The only way to break this cycle and bring your Metabolism back online is to take it through a Reset protocol to rest and recover from the Stress it has experienced.

In how long can I expect to see results?

Typically people begin to experience a dramatic increase in energy and performance within 10 days of starting program. If your goal is weight loss the typical results over the years has been an average of 12lbs lost in the first 30 days. Remember this is not an extreme weightloss program which can destroy the body. Instead, it is a health, wellness and lifestyle program that puts your metabolism first giving you more energy, better mood, better performance at the gym, and better focus. These are all signs your metabolism is working better and you will see the weight loss over time- but with our program it will finally stay off. We have had one individual lose 140lbs over a one year period and keep it off. Weight loss happens it's just slow and steady.

How do I know if this program is right for me?

If you are looking for more energy, better focus, enhanced performance, and a better looking body then this program is for you. If you are exercising or dieting and not getting the results you feel you deserve ESR will find the roadblocks and get you the results you deserve. If you are looking for extreme weight loss in a very short period of time then this program is definitely not for you.

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