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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Eat Sleep Recover: Become the Best You

Are you – and your family and friends – tired of the up and down mood swings you go through every time you go on yet another diet to get the body you want? Are you tired of the crabby mood you’re in when you’re starving your body and pushing yourself so hard with the latest weight loss fitness routines?

With the right focus on the metabolism, you no longer have to choose between a great mood and the body you’re striving for. You can actually have both.

One of Eat Sleep Recover’s members, Glenda, took the time to tell Brad Davidson, ESR’s founder, about her experience. After being on the ESR plan for 5 months, she’s down a total of 30 pounds – and that’s not all. Glenda has also seen a dramatic mental transformation, with improved mental clarity and a better, more positive mood. Her relationships and life in general are much happier and healthier as a result.

The reality is that the better you take care of your metabolism, the better the ESR program works for you - and your mood will improve. In contrast, if you crash diet, exercise the wrong way and put too much stress on the metabolism, you may look better, but you’ll pay a big price by becoming grumpy, irritable and not very fun to be around.


ESR focuses on optimizing the metabolism that doesn’t just deliver the physical benefits of being leaner and stronger, but also delivers the positive benefits of a better, more positive mood. Your personalized plan is optimized around your specific needs and delivers strategies that will give you both physical and mental benefits that are sustainable. Just like Glenda, you can look better and sustain a happier, healthier life without the sacrifices of plans that don’t last.

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