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How Supplements are a Complete Game Changer

Monday, April 1, 2019

Eat Sleep Recover: Become the Best You

Over the years, numbers of clients have skeptically asked Brad about supplements and vitamins.  From Brad’s years of experience, supplementation used at the right time for the right purposes, is a complete game changer when it comes to overall health and wellness.


Our metabolisms are constantly taking a beating and the number one culprit is stress.  When the metabolism is overly stressed, it begins to break down, usually manifesting in one of four areas: the liver, the stress pathways, the gut, and in blood sugar. As part of the ESR program, we constantly monitor your metabolism, to provide you with the most effective nutrition plan, tips, and strategies based on your unique symptoms.  However, members who upgrade to the Elite program, get the most dramatic results from the program because the Elite includes a monthly package containing four of our supplements which are customized to each individual, and sent to your front door. We analyze your symptoms monthly to ensure that we are constantly sending you the most beneficial supplements that will yield the best results.  As you progress and evolve, the program evolves with you.


Some of the benefits of incorporating our supplements into your ESR plan include, reduced stress, fat loss, enhanced quality and quantity of sleep, improved mood and focus, increased energy, and reduced inflammation.


Now it's important to note that you cannot “out-supplement” a bad diet or an unhealthy lifestyle.  However, using supplements in combination with your customized nutrition plan and lifestyle strategies can truly accelerate your progress on the program and enhance your overall health and wellness.

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